1 May 2017 Monday of the Third Week of Easter Homily

1 May 2017 Monday of the Third Week of Easter Homily


Acts 6:3-15

Psalm 119

John 6:22-29

Stephen has “the face of an angel”.

The Sanhedrin finds his words are blasphemous “against Moses and God.”

For the Sanhedrin the message of Jesús was destructive not only of the Temple but also of the religious customs of the people.

Stephen is hauled before the Sanhedrin by “Cyrenians and Alexandrians and people of Cilicia and Asia…..”  What the Sanhedrin faced was an international incident.  The Sanhedrin did not want Rome to be disturbed by problems in places like far away Jerusalem.


Jesús’ signs are very few in John’s Gospel but they are very dramatic.

Jesús feeds five thousand men and his disciples see him walk on water.

The sign of bread, Jesús explains, is a sign of eternal life.  The food that endures for eternal life is not “perishable”.

The “work” of God is first of all to “believe in the one he (God) sent.”

“Believing in the one he (God) sent” is not “physical” work.

“Faith” work is very taxing and at times very difficult.

“Faith” work can only be done with the presence of God’s grace and gift.

With faith in God let us ask the one God sent to share with us the faith to believe. We then can do the “work of God”.

When we break open the word and break the bread we share the work of the one God sent to us.

When we have our eyes and hearts opened, we share in the eternal life of the one who is and does the work of God.


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