8 May 2017 Monday Fourth Week of Easter Homily

8 May 2017 Monday Fourth Week of Easter  Homily


Acts 11:1-18

Psalm 42

John 10:11-18

“God has then granted life giving repentance to the Gentiles too.”

This “opening” to the Gentiles was not an easily obtained step.

Peter’s  vision and leadership as well as the Spirit “telling” Peter to accompany people from Caesarea (a Roman city) produce a solution to the question every community must face.  

The question is “Who can be “in” and who must be kept “out” of this group?”


In our own experience we see Pope Francis looking for ways to get people “in” instead of finding ways to keep people “out”. This appears to me to be the Spirit at work in our time.

The Gospel today the Good Shepherd describes in some detail the job description of the Good Shepherd.  

First, the the Good Shepherd lays down life for the sheep.

Second, the Good Shepherd leads sheep from other folds to the one fold.

Finally, the Good Shepherd, lays down his life freely.

May the Spirit guide us as we share the Good Shepherd in caring for the flock.

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