2 August 2017 Wednesday Seventeenth Week Ordinary Year 1 Homily

2  August 2017 Wednesday Seventeenth Week Ordinary Year 1 Homily


Exodus 34:29-35

Psalm 99

Matthew 13:44-46


Moses’ finds out his face is “radiant”.

This frightens the people.

Being in touch with the divine is so radical an experience that it causes fear, isolation and possible rejection of self and others.


Moses must cover his face since the “radiance” continues after he leaves the “tent” where the Lord dwells.


Moses repeats to the people what the Lord has commanded.


Moses is given this special “transformation” of his face and discovers it is a two edged sword.  The “radiant” face of Moses causes fear and distraction as well as the need to listen to what the Lord “says” and “commands” through Moses.


We all know times of searching.

We search for acceptance,

We  search for affirmation.


We come here  today because our continues.

We listen to the word.

We hear “seeds”, images, verbal paintings about the Kingdom.


In the end we choose to invest, accept, imagine until we live the “treasures” and “pearls” of the Kingdom.


We need to share the Kingdom, its riches, its fulfillment with others.


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