6 December 2016 Tuesday of the Second Week in Advent Homily

6 December 2016 Tuesday of the Second Week in Advent Homily


Isaiah 40:1-11

Psalm 96

Matthew 18:12-14


Isaiah begins by offering us the challenge of “comfort”.

How often do we think it is our obligation, duty, cross to take care of everything and everyone?

Jerusalem’s guilt can be expiated.

Is the LORD’S mercy that all encompassing and expansive?

A whole city can be forgiven!

When the LORD is our surety, our rock, our stronghold we can indeed be comforted and comfort others.

How merciful is the LORD?

Isaiah tells using the image of a shepherd who feeds his flock with care.

“Like a shepherd he feeds his flock;

in his arms he gathers the lambs,

Carrying them in his bosom,

and leading the ewes with care.”


I am one generation away from sheep herders, pastors of sheep, and cattlemen.On one of my first trips to Ireland I climbed hills counting “cows”.

We did not stop counting until all the cows were counted.  It was a small flock / herd.  For that reason each cow had immense value.

We are often the little ones who could be lost no matter how old or big or smart we believe ourselves to be.

Let us rejoice, let us be glad.

It is the will of the Father “that not one of these little ones be lost.”


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