March 29 2018 Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper Thursday of Holy Week Homily

March 29 2018 Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper Thursday of Holy Week Homily


Exodus 11:1-8, 11-14

Psalm 116

First Corinthians 11:23-26

John 13:1-15


Today we do more than remember a time of slavery.

We do more than remember being “delivered” from hunger, thirst, discrimination, racism and oppression.

We do more than remember a time of special foods, special drink and special blessings.


Today, tonight, now, we enter once more the experience of the loving God who needs to love us, forgive us, protect us.


The meal Jesus shared with his friends he now shares with us.

The meal with Jesus is many faceted.

The betrayer of Jesus is present.


Simon Peter argues with Jesus about how much washing Peter believes he “requires.”


Jesus wishes to give a “teaching”, a “model” of how his disciples, his followers,  must act.


The “master” and “teacher” serves in a very concrete and practical way.

“Washing” feet was and is an important, even necessary, practice in a cuplace where sandals are worn and the land is dry and dusty.


Jesus invites us to follow the model of simple service to others.

The master and teacher, who is the way to the Father, shows us that the “way to the Father is the way of service.


Opportunities to follow the way, the model, the master, the teacher are as close as the the person sitting next to you.


Let us ask the Father to make us faithful followers of his Son who teaches us the necessity of serving others if we are to be transformed, healed, made whole as the Spirit guides us as we journey to the Kingdom.


This feast is sometimes called the “Last Supper” .
Jesús shares a festive meal for the last time with his friends.


Really we might as well call this the “First Supper” because there is no “last supper.”


Jesús said “Do this in memory of me.”


How many times, in how many. places has this “supper” been “done” in the memory of Jesús since that “First Supper”?


We speak of the heavenly banquet which the “Lord’s Supper” prefigures and promises if we but eat the bread and drink the cup of promise that we bless and share this night.


The heavenly banquet, like the love of Father, Son and Spirit is eternal,

never ending, without end.


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