June 18, 2018 Monday Eleventh Week Ordinary Time Year 2 Homily

June 18, 2018 Monday Eleventh Week Ordinary Time  Year 2 Homily

First Kings 21:1-16

Psalm 5

Matthew 5:38-42

Ahab (means: Brother of the Father) was not easily satisfied.

He had a sense of entitlement.

Ahab wanted the vineyard of Naboth (meaning: A Jezreelite [persons from Jezreel where Ahab had a vineyard]). (Jezreel: God sows/plants).

Naboth refused his request since this was his ancestral vineyard.

Jezebel (means: Where is the Prince? [Baal ritual worship question]) the wife of Ahab arranged for Naboth to be killed so Ahab could have his way.

Both Ahab and Jezebel have become persons whose names connote exploitation, abuse and manipulation of power.


Jesús in the Gospel introduces a different code of conduct for his disciples.

Jesús instructions are a reversal of the normal form of social obligations.

Jesús implies that things, objects, clothes, service should not come between people.

Jesús invites openness and trust in the Father’s protection and care.

We ask for this protection and care today and every day.

Today, let us remember the parents and children separated from each other at our Southern  border.

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