Activity Groups

Happy Hearts
The Happy Hearts program is a glowing example that one’s age does not necessarily hinder activity in a person’s faith community.
Active seniors remain a vital and meaningful part of the community through a wide variety of weekly activities which include: day trips to points of interest, Archdiocesan prayer days and retreats, monthly bingo and potluck, card games, guest speakers, etc.

Women’s Group
All women of the parish are welcome to participate in the Women’s Group activities.
Events have included speakers, an annual dinner, and a game night.
Service activities include preparing special meals, hosting the July birthday party for the St. Ann’s Home residents, and assisting with the parish Garage Sale.
An annual bake sale is held each November. Other activities include participating in pro-life events and attending Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women gatherings.

Mens’s Group
The Men’s Club is open to all men age 21 and over.
The purpose of the group is for the growth of our Parish by working with the Women’s Group, Youth and Scouts, etc., so we can do more of God’s work. The group’s activities have included speakers, poker and game nights, sporting events, and various service projects. The group schedules an activity every other month or so.