18 April 2017 Tuesday Octave of Easter Homily

18   April 2017 Tuesday Octave of Easter Homily

Acts 2:36-41

Psalm 33

John 20:11-18

Peter must have been persuasive.

“Three thousand were added that day.”

This must have been before the “record keepers” got involved in tracking who was in and who was out of the community.

Needless to say this report is inspired and true in the sense that it conveys the attraction and tremendous growth of the early community.

Peter’s message is forceful. The people were “….being cut to the heart” .

Peter  inspires these first listeners to embrace the one they crucified.  “..this Jesús” Peter proclaims has been “made both Lord and Christ.”

The response to Peter’s message  is life changing: “repent and be baptized..”


Mary Magdalene weeps and after seeing the tomb is empty. The angels know something Mary does not know or see.

Mary comes to see Jesús.

John presents coming to know Jesus as a gradual process of “seeing” and “coming to believe” that Jesus is prophet, Messiah and Son of  God.

Mary is told not to “hold on to Jesús”.

Jesús cannot be controlled or limited. He must continue about the Father’s business.

Mary too has “business to attend to”.

She brings a message to the disciples.

“I have seen the Lord.”

Is that not our work as well?

“We have seen the Lord”,

let us be about his business.


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