15 May 2017 Monday Fifth Week Easter Homily

15 May  2017 Monday Fifth  Week Easter  Homily

Acts 14:5-18

Psalm 115

John 14:21-26

Imagine the thoughts that Paul and Barnabas had when they were renamed Zeus and Hermes.

They could have enjoyed divine status but they chose to dissuade the crowd from making them into “gods”.

The possibilities of misunderstanding or manipulating people’s trust are infinite when we confuse our own will with the will of God.


Jesús makes a very simple observation in the Gospel today.

To love Jesús is to keep his commandments.

To love Jesús is to love the Father.

Jesús also promises that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit will be sent to teach and remind us what Jesús has told us.

Let us listen, live our love of the Father, Son and Spirit.

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