2 May 2017 Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter Homily

2 May 2017 Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter Homily


Acts 7:51-8:1

Psalm 31

John 6:30-35


Stephen “falls asleep” commanding  or asking the Lord “…do not hold this sin against them.”


Perhaps offering his life in obedience gives Stephen the right to advise the Lord.  In fact Stephen is quoting Jesús’ own words of forgiveness spoken at the time of Jesus’ death.


The mention of a young man Saul, who witnessed the death of Stephen, introduces us to the person who will dominate a good part of the Acts of the Apostles.  One commentator mentions the Acts of the Apostles will become, in fact,  the “Acts of Paul”.


Jesus., in the Gospel wrestles with the issue of “signs”.

The sign of “manna” Jesús explained was not given by Moses but by the Father who gives “true bread from heaven.”

Jesús is identifying himself with the true bread “that gives life to the world.”

We are given that bread that ends hunger and thirst.

We seek  to “come to” the one who is and who brings us this bread.

We seek to “believe in” the one who satisfies our thirst.


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