9 May 2017 Tuesday Fourth Week Easter Homily

9 May  2017 Tuesday Fourth Week Easter  Homily


Acts 11:19-26

Psalm 87

John 10:22-30


The death of Stephen begins a persecution that scatters the community of Jerusalem to various places.

The custom is to preach the Gospel only to Jews. The Gospel could not be contained or confined and “Greeks” also heard the Lord Jesús proclaimed.

What was originally experienced as a great tragedy becomes the vehicle for growth in the community that reaches far beyond Jerusalem.


Jesús is asked to speak “plainly” about whether or not he is the “the Christ.”

Jesús gives indirect answers and asks the people to believe because of his “works” which are the testimony to Jesús being the Christ.

Being a part of Jesús flock, his sheep, signifies belief in Jesús and the Father.

The sheep, Jesús assures his listeners, have eternal life and cannot be “taken out of the Father’s hand.”

Let us hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and enter into life with the Son, Father and Spirit.


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