17 July 2017 Monday Fifteenth Week Ordinary Time Year 1


17 July 2017 Monday Fifteenth Week Ordinary Time Year 1

1 Homily


Exodus 1:8, 14-22  

Psalm 124

Matthew 10:34-11:1


The Egyptians discover the darker side of slavery. Slavery is good for the economy, for those in charge, for the owners.

It is a “cruel fate” for those who are the slaves according to the Book of Exodus today.

The downside is: if the slaves prosper and their numbers grow a tipping point is reached and “there are more of them (the slaves) than of us”.

Pharaoh decides the solution is more work for the slaves.

He also decrees the death of all male children of the slaves.

Racial prejudice, cruel slavery are not new issues in our human history.


The Psalm today makes it quite clear that deliverance,

rescue, freedom, hope all come from the Lord.


Jesus teaches the disciples many things.

The disciples will meet opposition, division even death.

Choices must be made even between blood relations and religious commitment.

Crosses must be embraced and picked up.

Finding our life, against all human logic, is encountered by losing our life.

Receiving Jesus is to receive the Father and each other.

The disciples, it appears, are left to ponder what Jesus has said.

Jesus does not wait for the disciples’ response.

Jesus “went away” to preach in the towns.


Can we take this advice or command to heart?

Can we with the Father’s grace carry our cross?

Can we be given, through grace, the reward of “eternal life”?


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