9 October 2017 Monday Twenty Seventh Week Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

9 October 2017 Monday Twenty Seventh Week Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

Jonah 1:1-2: 2:1-2,11

Psalm Jonah 2:,,4,5,6

Luke 10:25-37

Jonah is known as the “reluctant prophet”.

Jonah hated the Ninevites.

Jonah hopped on a ship to flee the Lord’s insistence that he preach repentance to the Ninevites. The furthest place he could go to was Tarshish. It was a Phoenician city in Southwestern Spain and signified and really was for Jonah and people of his time and place “the end of the world” as they knew it.

Jonah is thrown off the ship as a storm comes up and the sailors divine that Jonah is the reason they are in danger.

A large fish swallows Jonah who is brought to, you might guess, his least desirable destination: Nineveh.

Many of the saints fled from the Lord’s will but Lord in time brings them to accept and embrace the Lord’s plan rather than their own carefully thought life project.


Jesús challenges a scholar of the law who tests him. Jesus uses a kind of parable, in riddle form.  The scholar must figure out the answer to one question.

A man fell among robbers and is lead ‘half dead”.

A priest passed him by. To touch an open wound make the priest impure and unable to participate in religious rituals.

A Levite passed him by on the opposite side for the same reason.

A Samaritan, embraced and cared for the wounded person.

The scholar is taught a lesson by the “country preacher” Jesús the Nazarene.

Can we accept this teaching?

Who is your neighbor?

Who is my neighbor?

Can we see the poor, wounded, the refugee, the immigrant and vulnerable person as our or my “neighbor”?

Can we learn from the “self justifying” scholar and the “itinerant preacher” from the country?

Does our salvation depend on living the answer to this one question?

“Who is my neighbor?”



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