30 October 2017 Monday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

30 October 2017 Monday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily


Romans 8:12-17

Psalm 68

Luke 13:10-17


“Living according to the flesh” is living according to our “selfish desires”.

We might identify the “flesh” with sexual sin but the “flesh” really speaks to all of our self centered feelings, desires, plans and wishes.

Being “daughters and sons” of God means we live in a new and different way.

Knowing Christ means we receive the Spirit of God which is a spirit of freedom and adoption. We do not receive a spirit of slavery and isolation.

We may have lived with a spirit of slavery but our “adoption” by God gives us an inheritance as we call God  “Abba, Father!”

We becomes “heirs” with rights to inherit the qualities of our “Abba, Father”.  

We share this inheritance with our brother/sibling Christ.  

We share in the sufferings of brother Christ and share then we are glorified with brother Christ.


The type of brother we have in Christ is illustrated in the Gospel today.

A “sister” of Christ is “crippled by a spirit”.  We assume the spirit is evil.

Jesús the Christ “sets her free from her infirmity”.

This is what any brother would do for his sister if he could.


The leader of the synagogue objects.

Work is not permitted on the Sabbath even if is work that “sets free” a sister who is ill.

Jesús calls the synagogue leader a “hypocrite” and recalls that the law permits kindness and helpfulness to oxes and asses on the Sabbath.


Jesús wins this round.

His adversaries are humiliated;

“…the whole crowd rejoiced at all the splendid deeds done by him (Jesús)”.

Luke constantly reminds his readers that “God visits his people in the person of Jesús.



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