31 October 2017 Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

31 October 2017 Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

Romans 8:18-25

Psalm 126

Luke 13:18-21


Paul knows the frustration of living

in “hope”,

in “the not yet”,

under “the promise”.


Paul searches  for a metaphor describing the suffering as we wait with

“eager expectation” that we may share in experiencing the “glorious freedom of the children of God”.  


Paul settles on “the labor pains of birth” being shared by the whole of creation.


These “labor pains” are not only in the creation as a whole but we too “groan within ourselves” as wait for “adoption”.  


“Hope” in what we cannot see requires “endurance”.


Jesús in the Gospel asks that we have patient endurance.

In describing the Kingdom of God Jesús uses two parables.


The Kingdom of God is like a small seed planted in the ground that grows to be a large bush. It becomes a dwelling place for the birds of the sky.


The Kingdom of God is like “yeast” that put with flour and water “leavens” the whole batch.


We are to carry the seed and be the yeast that the Lord gives so that the Kingdom may grow and that we may accept as well as feed the many who are brought into it.


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