8 November 2017 Wednesday Thirty First Week Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

8 November 2017 Wednesday  Thirty First Week Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

Romans 13:8-10

Psalm 112

Luke 14:25-33


“The one who loves another has fulfilled the law….”

Paul presumes love of God in saying loving our neighbor fulfills the law.

In fact Paul and Jesús  do not think we have the wherewith

all to love our neighbor if we first do not love God.


Jesús does not sugar coat the costliness of responding to the coming of the God’s kingdom into our hearts and lives.

How can Jesús say you must “hate..father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life….to be my disciple”?

Jesus uses two images or metaphors or parables to say what it is like to be his disciple.

It takes wisdom and courage.

Builders and generals need to make calculations about their human and material resources.

Jesús is not interested in distracted, half hearted or incompetent efforts.

It takes courage and wisdom and freedom and faith to be dispossessed of family and things.

The qualities are necessary for anyone who dares to be a disciple of Jesús.


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