Eucharist of Resurrection Brenda Evelyn Thompson November 3, 2017

                  Eucharist of Resurrection Brenda Evelyn Thompson   November 3, 2017

 Wisdom 3:1-9

 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Matthew 11:25-30


Family and Friends of Brenda Evelyn Thompson.

The Parish Family of Saint Patrick Parish wishes to extend to you today our support and consolation at this time of your great loss of Brenda Evelyn Thompson.

Our prayers for Brenda and for you will not only be offered up to our Lord  today.

We have a “Book of Life” that is kept on the Main Altar here in our church.

Brenda’s name was put in that book shortly after we learned of her death.

Each time we gather here to “break open “God’s sacred word” and share consecrated bread and wine we remember those who have gone before us in life and have entered, what we believe is, eternal life.



Brenda was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts and moved to Oklahoma in 1964.

Brenda treasured and dedicated herself to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Brenda was also very involved in the community here at Saint Patrick’s.

Brenda was a regular at coffee after Sunday Mass and enjoyed visiting with other parishioners.  She also enjoyed special activities held here at the church.

Brenda enjoyed and loved everybody.  Her “family” really included neighbors and people she worked for and with.

Brenda was known as “MeMaw” by her    children     grand children  great grand children.

Brenda liked to take care of stray animals so you might say her idea of “family” extended to all of God’s creation.

Brenda also liked to read the Bible and draw. Some of her sketches included religious themes like the Cross and a drawing of Jesús.

One of the highlights of Brenda’s life was when her grandchildren and great children were born.  Brenda delighted in life and was deeply moved by the miracle of the birth of her grand children and great grandchildren.

The last two years of Brenda’s life were difficult in terms of her health.

The Book of Wisdom today tells us about “the just” being in the “hand of God”.

“Grace and mercy are with God’s holy ones and God’s care is with the elect”.

Brenda shared with us God’s grace and mercy. As one of God’s “elect”, that is God’s  “chosen ones” Brenda shares directly and eternally in God’s mercy and grace.

It is difficult for us to let go of Brenda. She was many things to many people.  Brenda was daughter, sister, grandmother, great grandmother, friend, parishioner, companion and counselor.

We take comfort and solace in the words of Jesús today:

“Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest.”

We let go of Brenda today so that she may lay down her burdens and rest.

Brenda now is free to be taken into the Lord’s warm, joyful and eternal embrace.


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