20 November 2017 Monday Thirty Third Week Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

20 November 2017 Monday Thirty Third Week Ordinary Time Year 1 Homily

Maccabees 1:10-15, 41-43, 54-57, 62-63

Psalm 119

Luke 18:35-43

We are treated to a fascinating if general resumen of some of the many complicated political struggles of the Judean people.

Israel is situated in a geographically accessible and therefore vulnerable place.

Invading armies on the way to conquering powerful rivals often found Israel a convenient place to set up a puppet government and therefore control Judean culture, politics and, as we here today, issue decrees about religion that included the “death penalty” for those who did not obey them.

“Covering the mark of the circumcision” was a way to renounce one’s Judean religious heritage.  Young people were encouraged to join clubs and engage in games and sports that required nudity.  The mark of the circumcision needed to be covered in conformity to the Greek occupying government’s requirements.  

As an interesting parallel,  Pope Benedict was a member of the Nazi  Youth Movement during World War Two in Germany. His father was a policeman and loyalty to Hitler was most probably advised if not required.

The “ horrible abomination” was the setting up, by the Greeks, of the “King’s Standard” on the altar of sacrifice in the Temple.

The serial persecution of the Judeans is not “fake” news but is historically verified over their long and tragic history.


Today in the Gospel Jesús cures a man who begs by the side of the road.

The man is clear about what he needs when asked by Jesús: “What do you what me to do for you?”  That is a really telling question if we consider the person whom we want to help may want a say in what “we” think they want or need.

The man asks “Jesús,Son of David have mercy on me?”

The blind man sees that Jesús is the one who is to come from the line of David, thus fulfilling Luke’s teaching that Jesús fulfills the prophetic promise.

Are we able to see, be compassionate, respond to God’s visiting his people in Jesús the Christ?

Can our blindness be healed?

Are we too be able to follow Jesús giving glory and praise to God?


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