Eucharist of Resurrection Eloise Bullinger March 19, 2018

Eucharist of Resurrection Eloise Bullinger March 19, 2018

Resurrection Cemetery Chapel

 Isaiah 25:6-9

 Psalm 23

 Second Corinthians 4:14-15:1

 John 6:37-40

Family and Friends of Eloise (“Lois” “Baba”) Jones Bullinger

The Parish Family of Saint Patrick Parish wishes to extend to you today our support and consolation at this time of your great loss

Our prayers for Lois  and for you will be offered up to our Lord  today.

We have a “Book of Life” that is kept on the Main Altar in our church.

Lois’s name was put in that book shortly after we learned of her death.

Each time we gather here to “break open” God’s sacred “word” and share “consecrated bread and wine”  we remember those who have gone before us in life and have entered  eternal life.

Lois’s story begins at her home in Mountain View, Oklahoma on February 24, 19 23.  “Home” was a dugout with four bedrooms above.

Lois enjoyed work:, working in the fields, hoeing weeds in the cotton field, “pulling cotton”, taking care of animals were some of things she enjoyed. The traditional work of women: cooking,sewing, cleaning did not interest Lois.  Lois enjoyed driving a truck to market at age 12 (how did she see over the steering wheel?) and rose at 4 AM to collect eggs from the chickens.

Many of us have stories about walking to school in the snow or versions of that tale from our parents.  Some of us here are old enough even to have stories about walking to school. Some of our stories might even be true.  

Eloise and her sisters and brothers walked a mile to school. If it was too cold to ride to school on horses they wrapped burlap bags around their feet and walked the mile to school and back in the inclement weather.

Lois realized one of her early dreams of living on the East coast. After attending Hill’s Business College in Oklahoma City she moved to Washington D.C..

Lois met and married Walter Bullinger in Washington. Walter was sent overseas in World War II. Lois then moved back home to Oklahoma and gave birth to her daughter Gloria.

Walter and Lois settled in Oklahoma City. Lois was  a founding parishioner of Saint Patrick’s Church in Oklahoma City. Lois worked on the construction of the Church of Saint Patrick which is known as “The Church the People Built”.

A summary of Lois’s character includes the following qualities:

“Amazing memory,

“Unsurpassed work ethic,

“Fiercely independent,

“Directe in her communication,



“Good cook,

“Lived simply.

In my experience Lois always enjoyed a good laugh. There is a story about her mother in law’s first visit to Oklahoma.  

Lois’s mother in law insisted that they roll up the windows of  the car when they crossed the state line into Oklahoma for fear of arrows from unhappy Indians.

The home place near Mountain View at the time had outdoor plumbing. Lois’s mother went to use the plumbing facilities one evening.

The nearby hogs in residence decided to “scream and carry on” during at that particular moment.  Walter’s mother decided the “place” was being attacked by warring Indians and ran to the safety of the house.  

Lois’s dad laughed about this for the rest of his life.

The Scriptures today speak of the body as a “dwelling” that is temporary.

The dwelling Jesús draws us to, we believe, is eternal.

John’s Gospel today tells us what Jesús came to do and plans to do for those who are “given” to him by the Father.

Jesús says: “Everything that the Father gives me will come to me”.

“This is the will of the one who sent me, that I should not lose anything of what he gave me.”

Through grace Lois was “given” by the Father to Jesús.

We will miss Lois’s friendship, laughter, friendship, independence and directness.

Today we now let go of Lois.  Lois, we believe, will be raised up to take part in the heavenly banquet and be welcomed into the Lord’s warm, heavenly embrace.


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